We have been agressively seeking for the right partners in realising our dream. Are you one of them?

We believe that good partnerships will strengthen and speed up the process for us to realise our dream.

We invite companies or Individuals who are interested in improving good quality of life by preserving nature and enjoying sustainable energy at the same time to be our partners.

Please call us at (62) 21 522-1462 for more information regarding such partnerships.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

2 thoughts on “Investor and Partnership Relations

  1. Yth PT Viron Energy,
    Saya membaca beberapa berita hari ini yang menyatakan bahwa PT Viron Energy akan membangun pembangkit listrik tenaga angin sebesar 10 MW di Sukabumi.
    Saya ingin menanyakan apakah program ini sudah diikutkan dalam program CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), yang merupakan salah satu mekanisme dalam Kyoto Protokol untuk menurunkan gas rumah kaca dan untuk dapat mendapatkan insentif dari program CDM.
    Apabila belum disertakan dalam program CDM, saya sanggup untuk membantu PT Viron Energy, untuk mencarikan pembeli dan menguruskan administrasi supaya dapat masuk dalam program CDM.

    Rohmadi Ridlo
    Konsultan dan Facilitator CDM
    Jln MH Thamrin 8, Gd BPPT II, Lantai 22, Jakarta
    Ph: 021-3169883
    M: 0812-8507523

  2. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am Lidya Septiyanti, Customer Relations of PT. Korindo Heavy Industry (Wind Tower Division).
    I would like to arrange an appointment for our Director to discuss about Sukabumi Wind Power Plant.
    I tried to call your company phone number but seems we can not reach the number.
    Could you give me the exact number so I can make an appointment.
    Thank you for you cooperation.

    Lidya Septiyanti

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